Founded in 2015, ROUNDABOUT is a student association grounded in the fields of architecture, art, and urbanism.

We are a based at the Institute of Architecture, TU Berlin, where we run a small café, our ROUNDKIOSK. We honor our community of students who work for the association on a voluntary basis.

Working with a diversity of formats, we practice and encourage critical thinking  about environmental, social and political issues of spatial production.

Our ROUNDTALKS represent emerging discussions, offices & thinkers. Our ROUNDWALKS give direct insights to construction sites and questions building laws, material use, and labor. The ROUNDKINO is a screening series in collaboration with the chair for architecture theory and currently deals with the topic of Hypernormalization. This semester we started our series LET’S TALK COEXISTENCE together with FG Hehl and Klaus Platzgummer (chair for architecture theory), where we work on the question of why and how we are all related.

Feel free to contact us. We are always looking for new members to join our team and large network of collaborators.   

RADIO - ACTIVITIES | 15.06 | 17:00

Together with Alfredo Thiermann we will explore the infrastructure built for radio in Berlin, starting in the Weimar Republic and running up to the Cold War period. During our bike ride, we visit spaces that reflect the material conditions under which two fundamentally opposing political and aesthetic worldviews coexisted in a single city. As electromagnetic waves, radio could transmit through walls and borders. The infrastructures for broadcasting represent the dynamics of the divided territory, interconnecting politics, electronic technical media and architecture.

For joining the bike ride, please bring a bike and register until 13th of June to

Start of the bike ride will be at the Institute of Architecture.

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Studentischer Verein zur Förderung des Architekturdiskurs
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